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The Textbook Advantage

Phinge introduces the revolutionary patents pending Textbook and TextbookAdd sleek attachable, integrated, multi- and triple detachable screen system for laptops and computer monitors.

Textbook TextbookAdd

TextbookAdd is the world's most unique, innovative system of multi- and triple screen attachable, integrated devices.


These devices and products are sleek, self-contained and easy to attach to most laptops. TextbookAdds are aerodynamic and designed to stay constantly and securely attached to laptops whether open or closed and will fit nicely into current laptop carrying cases or the TextbookAdd carrying case.

These devices will increase productivity while enhancing the way you work, game, and interact with portable laptops and computers.

There are multiple types of screens to choose from, including wired and wireless models. Touchscreens are also available. Buyers may mix and match from the different models and features or purchase one screen initially and add a second screen at a future date.

TextbookAdd vs. the Competition

TextbookAdd is like nothing else available today. Currently, attachable multi-screen devices are bulky, awkward and don't stay secured very well to laptops or work seamlessly with desktop monitors. They are not adjustable and come in multiple pieces, including separate screens, hardware and clips. TextbookAdd is a sleek, self-contained all-in-one device and is part of a larger system. TextbookAdd will easily attach to most laptops with screen sizes from 15" to 17". Laptops with screen sizes smaller than 15" or larger than 17" may use the TextbookAdd attached with the optional Desktop Adjustable Stand.

The TextbookAdd screens will even work with Phinge's future line of Textbook all-in-one multi- and triple screen laptops, as the screens used in both products will be detachable and interchangeable.

TextbookAdd for Desktop Monitors

TextbookAdd can be attached to the optional Desktop Adjustable Stand to convert your desktop monitor into a multi- or triple-screen device. It easily fits behind most desktop monitor screens. In addition, laptops with screens smaller than 15" can become multi- and triple screen devices by simply placing the open laptop on a table in front of the freestanding TextbookAdd.

Why TextbookAdd is Unique

TextbookAdd comes with detachable screens that disconnect with a simple push of a button and can stand alone on a flat surface using built-in kickstands. All screens rotate 360 degrees. Once fully extended, they will lock in place and may then be adjusted and moved forward up to 90 degrees for easy multi-screen viewing.

The screens may also rotate 180 degrees to face away from the user. This is done easily by shifting the protective top or bottom slides, rotating the screens, then relocking the slides into place before adjusting the screens up to 180 degrees for multiple viewing angles.

Detaching and Reattaching Screens

Screens may be detached from the TextbookAdd altogether and used as standalone devices. This is done by rotating them perpendicular to the laptop screen and pressing a release button located in the center of the back of the screen. Once detached, a built-in kickstand may be used for separate standalone viewing. To reattach, the process is simply reversed.

Charging Wireless Screens

TextbookAdd is charged through a laptop’s charged battery or power cord. The screens will automatically charge when they are housed within the TextbookAdd or when its connected to a laptop with the included USB-C cables.

A TextbookAdd to Fit Your Needs

TextbookAdd is a flexible, self-contained multiple screen solution for laptops and computer monitors. Since it is designed to be part of a system, there are many options to choose from to best fit the needs of each individual. There will be wired and wireless models as well as touchscreen options and vertical display capabilities, and all may be mixed and matched. Purchasers may start with a two screen TextbookAdd or start with a single screen and supplement with a second screen at any time by simply swapping it with the TextbookAdd placeholder insert.

The Textbook and TextbookAdd System

The Textbook will be a full line of sleek, integrated multi- and triple screen laptops, launching in 2020. These innovative laptops will be compatible with all TextbookAdd products and devices. The Textbook and TextbookAdd are included in and part of a Patents Pending system comprised of TextbookAdd devices, products and the future Textbook line of all-in-one multi- and triple screen laptops. All Textbook and TextbookAdd screens will be fully interchangeable and compatible with each other thus creating cost-efficient, multi-use, multi-screen devices.

Experience the exciting new world of expanded and enhanced viewing, gaming and productivity with the Textbook and TextbookAdd! Be a founding member of the future of laptops, and preorder your TextbookAdd today.

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